Thursday, January 18, 2018

First Semester, 2019

Jake O.
The Art Department is humming along in our first months back to school. Our AP Art and Design students are trying to figure out the new College Board portfolio requirements, while also trying to figure out their futures - college is looming on the horizon!
Bella Y.

Ellie R.

Bella Y.

SHHS Art classes had a very productive first semester. In Clay and Sculpture classes, students embarked on a project to raise money for Puerto Rico’s Hurricane Maria relief. Students brainstormed designs, then voted on each other’s designs to come up with three final choices. Those three designs were used as templates for the students to create over 300 handmade ornaments which were sold in the community. Their efforts raised over $245!

In the Art I classes students created stop-motion animation videos using the art room iPads. Students were challenged to create a short video using handmade artistic scenes. The themes for their videos were either “Addressing Global Warming” or “How to be a Good Friend”. Some of those videos can be seen on Ms. McNally‘s webpage.

Several students had work exhibited at the Holyoke Community College Biennial High School  Art Show. This exhibit is a great showcase of exciting young artists in our area. Works from Northampton, Granby, West Springfield, and others were displayed along side our South Hadley artists. The reception was well attended, and our artists received many accolades for their fine pieces. We are about to enter the exhibit season, with pieces going to the Massachusetts Art Education Association Yout Art Month exhibit and the Congressional Art Competition. Students will receive all of their work before the year is over but some of their pieces will be on exhibit in Boston and in other locations across the state.

We have resurrected our chapter of the National Art Honor Society. The Society is service driven and a bit more of a serious commitment than a drop-in Art Club. Members are working on an educational art display project for the school.

On Wednesday, Dec. 20, students traveled to Salem to visit the Peabody Essex Museum’s Georgia O’Keeffe exhibit. The exhibit was stunning and second semester work will reflect some of the art we saw on the tour. This trip was assisted by a grant from our Local Cultural Council which has been so helpful in enriching the lives of our SHHS students in years past. We are very grateful.

Ms. McNally’s SH*Improv group will host a comedy show on Friday, Feb. 2 at the high school. Proceeds from the show will help students going on the service trip to Nicaragua, so make sure to mark your calendar. SH*Improv shows are funny, unique and always a good time.

Friday, September 1, 2017

Happy New School Year! I'm excited to work with all my new classes. 

There's a cool new movie coming out...maybe there's a field trip in our future? Watch:

Friday, March 24, 2017  
The Cloisters at the Met Museum, NYC

If you attend the museum in person, you will see and sketch several of the pieces of art there. If you stay behind and are in class on this day, watch this video about the sculptural work on display there.

These pieces were designed for a Christian audience who were devoted to prayer and knew the bible stories. We are going to update and broaden the target audience. We will create a miniature sculpture to depict a story known in our current culture. It could be a popular book or movie or even a fable or fairy tale. While we cannot duplicate the intricacy of the boxwood carvings (yet!), we can use available materials to create miniatures with high detail. 

Procedure: (Do this on Friday in class)
1. Decide which story you would like to illustrate/sculpt.
2. Make a quick, simple sketch of the scene from this story.
3. Decide what the background, middleground and foreground of this scene will be.
4. Draw and color in the background and glue it into the Altoids box. It should fit perfectly - no box showing.
5. Draw and color the middlegound and carefully cut it out with scissors or knife. Glue it into place in the box, using spacers to separate it from the background enough to create depth.
6. Repeat for the foreground of the scene.
7. Decorate the outside edges of the box to complement the scene inside.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Art To See in Massachusetts

Sol LeWitt exhibit at Mass MOCA
I recently visited Mass MOCA and The Clark Institute while attending the Massachusetts Art Education Conference in North Adams, MA.

We are lucky to have so many wonderful museums close by. Go for a visit and be inspired to make your own art!

Friday, September 4, 2015

Happy New School Year!

Here is a little bit of the Art work that has been coming out of classes this Fall.

Hi Everyone,

This year, first semester, I am teaching Art III, Foundations, Clay I, and Art I. There is a page here for each of those courses, and each page has a course overview and homework list. Hope to see you in the Art Room!